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My Gente is a social project that was born by understanding the needs of our community, and understanding the responsibility and commitment we have to transmit knowledge and help others grow as well. Dreaming of giving all our neighbors and their families the possibility of being part of the specialty coffee producers and obtaining the results of quality agriculture on their own farms. All this is possible when differentiated coffee producers include all the people involved in all stages of the production chain. From education in best practices to the socialization of learning standards during the harvest season, tasting the lots they selected when comparing their own production with market standards to maximize the educational impact on their daily lives. This knowledge is also transferred to their own crops, which are also highly valued and added to El Diviso export crops with their own name.


Farm: El Mirador

María Espinosa y José Ávila

Area: ¼ Hectare

Coffee Plants: 1800

Variety: Caturra

Alternate crops: plantain, beans, citric

Farm: El Oriente

Producer: Ana Rosa Páez

Area: 3/4 Hectare

Coffee Plants: 3,500

Variety: Caturra and Tabi

Alternate crops: Plantains, Citrics, and Badea.

Farm: El Oriente Medio

Producer: Yolima Romero

Area: 3/4 Hectare

Coffee Plants: 2,900

Variety: Caturra

Alternate crops: Cacoa, Zapote, Mango.

New Generations

New Generations

It is not a secret to anyone that the new generations of farmers do not want to continue in the field because they do not see a better future doing the same work as their parents, hence, we believe that teaching them about the different coffee varieties, new processes in the mill, cupping, brewing processes and showing them the coffee world outside of Colombia, they will be more interested in the family crops and maybe they will be future specialty coffee producers as well.

We want to encourage them to study and become college graduates, helping them to find resources to reach their goals.