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Jorge & Maria Cala

In 1985 agronomist Jorge Cala established El Diviso as a fruit producing farm. After only a few years, he was required to plant one hectare of coffee in order to receive a bank loan to invest in the farm. This is how our story starts in the world of coffee. Jorge eventually became the representative of coffee producers before the National Federation of Coffee Growers. For 17 years, he worked for the people and their crops. As an amazing fact, he did all this without drinking a single cup of coffee due to his intolerance to it. In 2011 he decided to deliver the farm to his youngest daughter and her husband with 5 hectares with Caturra and Colombian coffee variety. Since then, with dedication, study, and passion, we have entered in the spectacular world of differentiated coffee.

In 2011 Maria and Ivan started a new history at El Diviso, passion for coffee grew over the next years, with certified education, investigation and curiosity made it to the great world of differentiated coffee in 2017. Our objective has been framed around the true value of each step in the differentiated coffee production chain, demonstrating coffee must be treated like the best wines or even better, followed by a real social inclusion with El Diviso neighbors and workers transferring knowledge at all levels activating neighbors crops included in El Diviso´s offer to overseas markets with great benefits for the region. Incentive programs are part of the day to day harvest labors helping our final product to achieve its best possible. We still have a long way to go but with the hardest path already conquered. You can expect great cups of coffee in the upcoming harvests. Count with that.